What games are we playing this weekend?

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I’m slightly annoyed with myself for not taking the day off on Friday to chase down what was probably the last good snowfall of winter. Well, it was “good” snow but not great. It turned to sleet quickly in some places and was carried away by monstrous winds in others. I would have been soaked and sullen half way up a hill. What if …! What are you playing at the weekend? Here’s the latest we’re playing!

Alice Bee

I’m going out to play this weekend Cobalt CoreFor the RPS Game Club, and trying to enjoy it. So far, I have not liked it and I am afraid I will become the unreasonable curmudgeon of the treehouse – a position that was vacated by 2019 and does not need to filled.


I still have some more Steam Next Fest demosI’ll give it a go, but I may just download a lot and then naff it off Aberdeen is the place to see a lot of real colored lights.


This weekend, I’m not playing much. I’m going to Bristol to visit a friend, and we will watch The Zone Of Interest. This movie will undoubtedly destroy our emotions. If I can, I’ll watch the Helldivers 2 hotness!


After playing the demos of Next Fest and staying up late on Thursday, I’m not likely to play much this weekend. [REDACTED]But I might give Helldivers 2 another go. I like capes! I’m looking forward to a mix of research, creative projects, and, errr, cooking. Yes, I’m sure there will be some fancy cooking.

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Oh my sweet shazbot! Tribes III: RivalsIt’s possible that people will do it. The Next Fest demo version that’s currently available is by far the best one I’ve experienced. I now have a better sense of the speed I was looking for in previous playtests. I want and shall have more.


I was playing around with the Capcom Fighting CollectionRed Earth is an obscure fighting experiment from 1996. It’s like a sword and magic Street Fighter, but with some light RPG features, such as characters that level up. The Japanese version was called “Warzard”. It only received limited distribution outside of Japan. This was an unusual game which was ahead of its time. As a retro fighter enthusiast, I think it deserves to be given more attention. The main character is named Leo and he’s basically Conan with a lion head. Pulpy but powerful stuff!


It’s likely to be a huge event Final Fantasy 7 weekend in House Castle. Matthew (RPS peace) is currently playing Remake in preparation for Rebirth’s release, while I will be trying to wrestle the PlayStation away from Matthew so I can finish the Intergrade dlc and maybe sneaky peek at the Rebirth demonstration. I also have a couple of review titles on the go and some final Next Fest Demos I want to test out before they (presumably), die on Monday. I’m looking forward to Realm Of InkNeverGrave, and both CryptmasterAnd err Crypt Custodian. I’m okay, really. Unintentionally, there was a run of games on death. Honest. In the words our beloved Barret: “The planet is dying, Cloud!”


I’m finally giving some of the great games I missed last year a try. Dave The Diver a proper go. It looks like it can do it all, with its juggle between exploration and management systems. I’m a bit thalassophobic and love underwater games for the way they make me feel. I’m already expecting it to be a hit.


What are you up to this weekend, dear Reader?

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