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If you’ve played Call of Duty Warzone since its release, you’ve seen plenty of oddities, from glitches to overpowered weapons. One that seems to keep coming back, though, is players’ ability to survive for extended periods in the gas.

In the past, Stim tactical items allowed players to survive in the gas indefinitely. Every six months, it seems, the same bug returns, but with a different solution. For the Season two begins. Warzone A perk that was added in season 1 combined with an older one makes it virtually impossible to die when you’re in the gas. Don’t worry, the developers have a solution.

How do Warzone players survive so long in the gas?

The most recent WarzoneUpdates on the Latest TechnologyPlayers are now familiar with new and interesting problems. Irradiated was added to the list of perks at the beginning of the first season. Despite this, it appears that no one noticed the fact that the Quick Fix perk combined with Irradiated makes players nearly invincible when in gas. Don’t worry, gunfire still kills them, just not the gas damage itself.

To some extent, the effects are intentional. Irradiated’s description reads, “While under the effects of the gas circle you move faster and take reduced gas damage.”Quick Fix, on other hand, is intended to begin health regeneration when a kill is earned or when an armor plate is inserted.

What’s happening is the two perks combine to make it very easy to survive in the gas. If you take damage from the other players or the gas, an armor plate will help you recover health almost instantly. Two perks and enough armor plates will allow you to live a long life.

Raven Software has a solution, but it’s the wrong one

Raven Software chose the wrong way to solve the problem. According to the Call of Duty official updatesThe Quick Fix perk is available to X (Twitter) accounts. “temporarily updated to remove the health regen that starts after replacing an armor plate.”

Why is it wrong? Quick Fix is used to regenerate health when people are out of gas. It’s almost useless now. Irradiated has no other purpose than to survive in the gas. Why not make it impossible to hide in the gas by removing or changing the Irradiated? It is also much less popular. Raven has always refused to remove/alter broken items until a solution is found. This change is welcome.

Although we can’t be certain, it seems that there’s one logical permanent solution. If a gas is present, the armor plate will not activate health regeneration. Still, the community is grateful for the quick turnaround on such a game-breaking issue.

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