This Metroid Set Could Be Officially Reviewed By LEGO With Your Votes


Thanks to the recent Super Mario range, official Nintendo LEGO is now finally a thing, but fan-made designs hoping to catch LEGO’s attention are still as popular as ever.

LEGO Ideas, a site where fans can submit their own creations, has helped budding LEGO builders to get designs based on Zelda, Sonic and even Untitled Goose Game considered for official releases. Now, support is growing for another fan-made project, this time based on none other than Metroid.

Including a custom Samus Minifigure and her iconic Gunship, the set comes with adjustable parts that let you relive the action from the games. You can remove the windscreen to access the cockpit, adjust pads on the bottom to “land” the ship, and even open a secret door to drop Samus as a Morph Ball.

As always with these Ideas projects, this creation needs to gather 10,000 votes to be considered by LEGO’s team. At the time of writing it stands at just over 4,800, so getting over the halfway line seems pretty doable.

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