The Pokémon Company To Crack Down On Sword, Shield And HOME Users Who Modify Save Data In “New Ban Wave”


Nintendo Life

The Pokémon Company appears to be getting ready to lay down the law (again) with what’s been described as a new ban wave.

According to, naughty users of Pokémon Sword and Shield and Pokémon HOME are the targets – with some players apparently caught using “altered data” while others are causing issues by impairing the functions of games and apps for other users.

Players who are spotted with modified save data will be banned from using trading features and will no longer have access to HOME. It follows an agreement in the Terms of Service prohibiting modification of save data.

Save data modification, for example, can include adding Pokémon to the game that you didn’t actually catch.

Bans can either be temporary or permanent and The Pokémon Company plans to take the same course of action in the future. It will also put more measures in place if required.

This isn’t the first time it’s done something like this, either. It’s previously dished out bans for players who were deliberately disconnecting from online battles.

Have you seen in Sword, Shield or even HOME that could be tied to save data modification? Tell us down below.

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