The Best Police Scanner Apps for iOS and Android


You don’t have to be an investigative journalist or a private eye in an old noir film to use a police scanner, nor do you need to splurge on a stand-alone device just to get the inside scoop. The right smartphone app will allow you to eavesdrop with ease and stay informed about the goings-on in your neighborhood, including emergencies and current road conditions. For your convenience, we’ve rounded up the best police scanner apps below.

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PoliceScanner +

This app lets you listen to live audio from police and fire scanners all over the planet. You can select from thousands of feeds, find the current top 100 feeds, search for your favorites, listen in the background, and even locate your feed on the map. The premium version is $5, and a yearly subscription costs $40.


Police Scanner

This highly rated Android scanner lets you listen in on live audio from over 7,000 police radio scanners, fire scanners, and amateur radio repeaters worldwide, mostly in English-language nations. The app lets you view the top 25 most popular police scanner radio stations, save your favorites, and tune into air traffic, rail, marina, weather, and emergency radio stations.


Scanner Radio

Scanner Radio lets you browse a variety of channels worldwide, view the top 50 scanners and recently added scanners, and target your specific location. You can also find public safety, air traffic, and marine scanners with the app. You can receive notifications when major events or emergencies take place, and it supports Android Auto. The $3 pro version removes ads, includes push notifications, and offers the ability to record audio. You also have the choice to only remove ads without new features for $2.

Android  iOS

Broadcastify offers 6,500 global channels for you to listen to, each sorted by country and metro area. The app’s interface is clean and easy to read, although the media player has bulky buttons. Channels focus on fire and emergency services as well as aviation, rail, weather, marine, and amateur radio streams, and you can even search for channels near your location and establish a favorites list. The free version includes ads, which you can remove for $3 with the pro version.

Android  iOS

5-0 Radio Police Scanner

5-0 Radio Police Scanner is one of the best-rated iOS police scanner apps out there, providing global coverage of Fire, EMS, and Police feeds. Users can even create their own custom feeds, as well as browse lists of broadcasts by country.

The “Feeds with Active Alerts” system alerts users of noteworthy events in their newsfeeds. This allows you to consistently check your feed even while the app is still running in the background, giving you the opportunity to browse through your social media accounts or text messages without missing out on essential broadcasts.  

Because the app is 100% free, it comes with plenty of advertisements. However, you can avoid them by purchasing the ad-free version for a small $5 fee. 


Scanner 911 offers a straightforward and intuitive design to benefit users on any device. It includes excellent, integrated sound settings and a few customized audio options you can experiment with, like an equalizer and an amplifier. 

This unique scanner boasts many high ratings and lets users locate area scanners and view other scanners across the country. If you prefer, you can change the app to listen in the background and regulate 10-codes to maintain a continual flow of local news. The app’s user-friendly interface is simple and works well with headset controls.


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