Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? (October 10th)


With another week done and dusted – bringing us a Nintendo Treehouse: Live presentation, the tease of the upcoming Smash Bros. Ultimate update, and even a fan-made look at how Breath of the Wild 2 could look running in lovely 4K – it’s time to sit back, relax, and chat about our weekend gaming plans.

Members of Nintendo Life have done just that below, and we’d love for you to join in via our poll and comment sections. Enjoy!

Ryan Craddock, news editor

You know what, I’m probably going to just have a breather this weekend… During the week, I wrapped up Super Mario Galaxy with a full 120 stars under my belt. I’d forgotten just how wonderful the game was, and with its new coat of HD paint boosting its appeal, it genuinely feels like it could have launched as a brand new Mario platformer this year and no one would have questioned it.

Perhaps it’s partly down to the fact that I played the entire game docked with a Joy-Con in either hand, but it really reminded me of Super Mario Odyssey and made me want to revisit all of that game’s glorious kingdoms. Or, Nintendo could put out an Odyssey 2? Couldn’t you, Nintendo? I dare you.

PJ O’Reilly, reviewer

Hello. This weekend I’m going to spend the vast majority of my gaming time blasting through Ikenfell for review, I’m just a few hours in right now and am really enjoying it so far so look out for that verdict sometime soon. I’ve also yet to get a go on Super Mario Bros. 35 so I’ll be trying to squeeze a bit of a session in on that somewhere too.

Elsewhere, I’ve been busy honing my skills with a few of my favourite fighters in the rather sublime Rivals of Aether, sneaking in a run here and there on the magnificent Hades and am still working my way slowly through the mystery at the heart of the fantastic Paradise Killer. There are, quite literally, too many good games to play right now. I hope you all have a good weekend, whatever you’re playing, stay safe out there and wear a mask!

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