Taito’s November Update For Bubble Bobble 4 Friends Will Double The Number Of Levels


Bubble Bobble 4

Taito’s Bubble Bobble 4 Friends will be receiving a sizable update this November alongside the launch of the PlayStation 4 version in Japan.

It will include a new area featuring 100 new stages and invincible enemy Skel-Monsta from the original Bubble Bobble game. This particular enemy cannot be defeated or trapped within bubbles and will continuously chase down the player while they attempt to clear the stage. Sounds scary!

Other new elements of this update will be detailed at a later date. When it does arrive, though, it’ll double the number of stages from 100 to 200.

This announcement follows on from a previously announced update back in March, which revealed new stages, and the character, Baron von Blubba. Here’s a look below, in case you missed it:

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