Suda51 Reveals Save Data Bonus For No More Heroes III


Suda51’s No More Heroes III arrives on the Nintendo Switch this August. If you’re curious to learn and see more about it, it has actually given fans a look in one final segment during its Treehouse presentation.

This part of the show wasn’t aired live, and we’re guessing it’s because of the game’s rating. It means we also can’t actually show the full video here on Nintendo Life (as it’s age-restricted), so you’ll have to head on over to YouTube to check out the full thing hosted by Bill Trinen.

At the very end of the broadcast, Suda51 appeared – thanking Nintendo for the demonstration and informing fans they would have to wait just a little bit longer before the game could be pre-ordered. He also revealed save data from the original two games and Travis Strikes Again will carry over – unlocking a shirt from each game. Here’s a look:

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