Stardew valley becomes Cookie Clicker, a relaxing new farming game

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Growing a farm and living the quiet life is great, but it’s a lot of work. Even in Stardew Valley, where it’s all part of a gorgeous, pixel-art tapestry, agriculture can feel daunting. Enter: Rusty’s Retirement, a Stardew-like idler that automates much of the growing as you tap away somewhere else.

You can also find out more about the following: Rusty’s RetirementYou can help the protagonist grow his farm by planting crops. The farming game borrows heavily from Stardew Valley in aesthetic, using the bright, 16-bit pixels for the Rusty’s expanding plot of land. You can grow a variety of vegetables and robots will help you along the way.

The focus is on a large number of things over a long period of time. Instead of cultivating everything like in a Farming Simulator game, Rusty’s Retirement sits at the bottom of your screen, just ticking along as you do whatever you need to do.

I’m reminded of Cookie Clicker, at how at first, I thought it was pointless. I played for a while, then forgot about it for an afternoon. When I returned, the stats were skyrocketing. There’s something so rewarding about the numbers increasing even though you’re not actively participating.

It’s almost a comfort to be passive when there are so many different games. Rusty’s Retirement just asks that you boot it up, then handles the rest. Bliss. It’s the second project from Mister Morris Games, who previously made action-adventure game Haiku. This is a departure, but still deals with robots and AI, so I’m curios if that through-line goes much deeper.

Rusty’s Retirement has a demoSteam Next Fest. Here’s a rundown of the best Steam Next Fest demosIf you want to know more, check out our list of the top games like Stardew ValleyThis book will show you how to live a quieter life.

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