Star Shift Rebellion Free download (BUILD 13419321)

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Star Shift Rebellion Direct Download:

Infernis Prime in the Outer Rim has been brutally occupied. The rebels have a fighting chance with the help of an android hacked and the discovery a dark secret. This is the tale of how the Outer Rim Coalition came to be and how it broke free. Star Shift Rebellion has no levels; instead, skills and stats are managed by Knowledge points acquired in battle. In addition to turn-based battles, there is also a tactic Battle systemFor fleet and Army Combat Unique skill trees exist You can also find out more about us by clicking here. on a character’s species and class. A soundtrackThe experience is enhanced by the presence of multiple independent artists.

It’s a great Soundtrack. My God, this music went directly into my ears. I love it. The GraphicstyleOld school is great but it also feels wonderful Modern. The Developers did an excellent job of presenting their Story with good pictures and impressive cut scenes. It feels more like a movie or a book than a game. Last Time i had such an Experience the DifferenceThis type of game was the PHANTASY STAR series from Sega. You can control a group of up to seven people CharactersYou will not always play with the same group.

Features and System requirements:

  • Unique skill trees exist depending on a character’s species and class.
  • Time has been shattered. Only you and your crew can unlock the mystery before it’s too late!
  • A soundtrack featuring multiple independent artists enhances the experience.

Windows XP/7/8/8./10.
2 :: Dual-Core CPU 2.0GHZ
RAM : 4 GB
4 :: DirectX: Version 9.0
OpenGL 4.1 compatible GPU
6 : : Space Storage: : 2 GB

Turn OffCheck Your Antivirus before Installing Any Game

Download Game
2 :: Extracted Game
Launch The Game
Have Fun🙂

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