Sonic’s Much-Loved Social Media Guy Is Moving Into A New Position At Sega


If you know and love Sonic the Hedgehog and happen to follow Sega’s Sonic YouTube Channel live streams, one name (and face) that should be familiar to you is Aaron Webber.

Since 2015, Aaron has been the guy who has appeared in the company’s live streams, ran the blue blur’s social channels – like the wonderful Twitter account – and handled PR for the Sega mascot. His name has even appeared in a lot of Sonic video game credits.

Now, after all this time, Aaron is moving out of this important role and into another position within Sega. Here’s his goodbye:

We must say that Aaron has done a great job over the years promoting Sonic. The character has had such a resurgence that he’s now even got his own live-action movie starring Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik.

We’re admittedly relieved to hear Mr. Webber is still at Sega of America – although as you can see above, he doesn’t mention the position he’s moving into within the company. With any luck, he can continue to help make Sonic an even better mascot for future generations.

All the best, Aaron – and thanks for helping Sonic out over the past five years.

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