Random: Twitter Has Now Defeated The Electric-Type Gym Leader Lt. Surge In Pokémon Red


Another week has passed, so what’s been happening in the social media experiment Twitter plays Pokémon Red…inside a talented programmer’s avatar? Well, read on!

After defeating the Cerulean City Water-type Gym leader Misty, Twitter boarded the S.S.Anne in Vermilion City and took on its old-time rival Blue. According to reports, Twitter’s party was in the best state from fighting everyone on board and didn’t bother to heal before the big match. Fortunately, it was a relatively easy battle with Fearow, now known as “CHAD”, in the end, delivering a super-effective blow to Blue’s Ivysaur.

Not long after this, and just days after the big victory against Misty, Twitter was able to defeat Vermilion’s Electric-Type Gym leader Lt. Surge. Despite all odds, Twitter was able to solve the Gym’s puzzle on the first attempt and made quick work of the trainers on the main floor. In the battle against Lt Surge, Twitter fielded the Rock-type Geodude. It cleared out Surge’s entire party and defeated his final pocket monster, Raichu, in one hit. The reward, of course, was the Thunder Badge.

Since then, Twitter has been through Diglett Cave, acquired HM05 Flash, had a Geodude and Oddish evolve, made its way through Rock Tunnel and just yesterday obtained HM02 Fly.

The current party is comprised of a Level 27 Fearow (CHAD), Level 27 Graveller (ABBPRI), Level 30 Wartortle (AMAYBE), Level 28 Alakazam, Level 22 Gloom (Curse) and a Level 25 Eevee (DHY).

So, that’s three badges at the time of writing – who knows what Twitter will have achieved in the game by the end of next week. Are you as impressed as we are with the progress the internet has made so far, considering it’s playing inside someone’s Twitter avatar? Leave a comment down below and for more back story on this wild social media experiment, check out last week’s post.

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