Panzer Dragoon: Remake Flies Onto Nintendo Switch Today


Panzer Dragoon Remake

Well, that came out of the blue, didn’t it? Forever Entertainment’s much-hyped remake of Sega’s Panzer Dragoon has launched today on Switch. The game was previously slated for a winter release.

A comprehensive reimagining of Team Andromeda’s on-rails Sega Saturn shooter from 1995, Panzer Dragoon takes inspiration from the likes of Space Harrier and Star Fox, placing you in the role of a dragon-rider who can use lock-on shots to take down enemies. One of the big selling points of the original game was the use of 3D graphics, as well as the ability to view the action in a full 360 degrees around your monster.

Forever Entertainment has updated the game for the HD era with redrawn visuals and massively improved graphics, but can this remake overcome the original’s somewhat shallow depth? We’ll find out soon, as we’re already working on the review. Watch this space.

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