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E3 2021 is just around the corner, though with a whole lot of competing events and streams it’s not quite the industry-defining occasion of the past. Yet Nintendo will be ‘there’ with a day that’ll feature an E3 Nintendo Direct and three hours of Treehouse demonstrations streamed for your pleasure.

Despite the absence of a physical event in an LA convention centre, this is pretty much the same formula as in more recent E3 events (prior to the enforced ‘year off’ in 2020), right down to the Direct broadcast run time of around 40 minutes; we’re also getting a little less Treehouse time than in the past, but that’s understandable in the context of a virtual event and ongoing disruption to work routines. Nevertheless, it’ll be exciting to see Nintendo’s big pitch of Switch titles due this year and next.

Setting expectations appropriately is the order of the day, but that can be tough when it comes to Nintendo. Perhaps E3 2021 won’t have the magic of previous years, or maybe it’ll blow us away and entertain us in surprising ways. Either way, we decided it was a good time to reminisce on some of the most iconic and legendary Nintendo E3 moments ever.

Looking back over two-and-a-half decades, there are plenty to choose from, but we’ve selected a handful of our very favourites — a top 5, in no particular order. We begin by travelling back to the pre-Wii days of 2004…

DS and Twilight Princess are revealed (or anything else from 2004, frankly)

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