Nintendo Rep Tells Fans To Stick With The Current Switch, If They’re Not “Digging” The OLED Screen


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Nintendo has announced a new Switch and it’s got owners of the older models wondering if it’s time for an upgrade.

The company is yet to make an official statement about this – and likely won’t directly address it, but it has clarified the OLED model does not have a new CPU or a RAM upgrade. Apart from the improved screen, internal memory upgrade, and a few other minor differences, it’s much the same as the current dock version model.

While we don’t have a statement from Nintendo about whether or not the new system is worth it for existing owners, we do now have a comment from the manager of product marketing at Nintendo of America, JC Rodrigo, via social media. When asked by a fan if the new system ran better, he responded with a simple “nope” and told them to stick with the current one, unless they were interested in the screen upgrade.

While it might seem obvious it’s not much more than a screen upgrade at this point, it’s still interesting to hear when it’s coming directly from a Nintendo employee. With JC’s advice in consideration, do you think you’ll be getting the new Switch OLED model? Leave a comment down below.

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