New Minecraft ‘Caves & Cliffs’ Merch Includes Goat Plushie, And An Angry Bee


In celebration of the new, massive Caves and Cliffs Update (part one), Mojang has teamed up with toy manufacturer Mattel and apparel company Neff to create a line of clothing, and all-new toys featuring the newly-added and returning mobs.

Two early release T-shirt designs will be available from the 10th of June, with “understated” designs:

On the 30th of June, additional summery clothing will be added to the range, with T-shirts, shorts, hoodies, and more:

CCGift Guide Neff5
CCGift Guide Neff1

Over on the Mattel side of things, there are a whoooole bunch of new figurines, including a VERY appealing little bee one that we really need for our desk (hey Mojang, fancy hooking us up?):

CCGift Guide Bees

By the way, anyone who purchases these figurines gets a free goat skin for Bedrock Edition. As in, a skin for your character. Not the skin of a goat.

And, finally, over on the softer end of the spectrum, two new plushies represent the newest mobs in the Caves and Cliffs update, the axolotl and the goat:

CCGift Guide Plushie Axolotl
CCGift Guide Plushie Goat

Will you be getting the little bee set? Can you send us one too? Let us know in the comments.

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