Mobile Dev DeNA Wants To Make Its Relationship With Nintendo “Even Better” Going Forward


Nintendo’s mobile partner DeNA – known for past releases such as Miitomo, Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes – has been quizzed about the future plans for the “Nintendo Alliance” during a Q&A session of its fourth-quarter earnings results.

At the moment, it apparently doesn’t have any information to share right now but says it maintains a good relationship with its fellow Japanese company. Additionally, it wants to make its already “good relationship” with Nintendo “even better” going forth. Here’s the full exchange:

Question 10. What are the plans for the future, such as new titles, in the Nintendo alliance?

A10. We do not have any additional information to share at this time, but we continue to have a good relationship.

Question 13. Please share the significance behind the capital & business alliance with Nintendo.

A13. There has been no change to this important relationship. We will continue to make use of our strengths and make the good relationship with Nintendo even better going forward.

Although there’s not much from Nintendo in recent times on the mobile front (that’s excluding an onslaught of Fire Emblem Heroes and Mario Kart Tour updates, this year in March it announce a new partnership with the Pokémon GO creator Niantic to develop a “series of apps” together.

The first one will be based on the Pikmin franchise and will combine Niantic’s AR-tech with Nintendo’s beloved characters. It’s currently scheduled to launch globally later this year. How would you feel about more Nintendo-themed mobile games? What series would you like to see adapted? Leave your thoughts down below.

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