Mario Golf: Super Rush Full Character Roster And Special Shot List


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For fans of the series old or new, there’s certainly plenty of anticipation for Mario Golf: Super Rush on Nintendo Switch. It appeared in the first full Nintendo Direct we’d seen for quite some time, and the hope is that it’ll at the very least live up to the very decent Mario Golf: World Tour, and hopefully earlier exemplary efforts from the plumber on the fairway, too.

The game will feature local and online multiplayer, and many eyes will be on Story Mode; we also have a decent roster shaping up with Nintendo confirming that there’ll be at least 16 characters to choose from (plus Miis), including debuts from Pauline, King Bob-omb, and the character we’ve all been clamoring for, Chargin’ Chuck.

With each character having different strengths and weaknesses and a Special Shot and Special Dash — not to mention their own bespoke golfing get-up — we’ll all have our favourites. The right choice will be Bowser, of course, but it’s nice to have a varied selection of golfers to make up a four-ball.

So, here’s a full list of the confirmed roster for Mario Golf: Super Rush (so far — you never know what secrets might be unlocked through playing the game, and there’s some conspicuous space left on the character selection screen!). We’ll update it with any more reveals right up to release on 25th June.


Mario Golf: Super Rush Full Character List


Special Shot: Super Star Strike

Blasts away balls on impact.

Special Dash: Moonsault Dash

Jumps and slides, knocking other opponents off balance.


Special Shot: Ice Flower Freeze

Freezes ground on impact.

Special Dash: Speed-Skate Dash

Ice-skates on the course leaving an ice trail that causes other players to slip if they are following close enough behind.


Special Shot: Lightning Blast

Generates lightening interference for other players.

Special Dash: Jet-Pack Dash

Turns his golf bag into a jetpack to blast forward and knock other players off balance.


Special Shot: Slim Stinger

Blasts away balls in its path.

Special Dash: Dance-Off Dash

Pirouettes and leaps, knocking opponents off balance.


Special Shot: Spiral Stinger

Blasts away balls in its path.

Special Dash: Ribbon Dash

Jumps and pirouettes with a rhythmic gymnastics ribbon, knocking other oponents off balance.


Special Shot: Blossom Strike

Blasts away balls on impact.

Special Dash: Pinwheel Dash

Runs, jumps, and pirouettes, knocking any opponents she runs into off balance.


Special Shot: Eggschanger

Turns balls into eggs on impact.

Special Dash: Egg-Roll Dash

Runs on top of a giant egg, rolling over players.


Special Shot: Meteor Strike

Blasts away balls on impact.

Special Dash: Volcano Dash

Leaps, slides, and roars flames at players.

Bowser Jr.

Special Shot: Smokeball

Creates blinding smoke in landing zone that hides the flag, hole, and balls.

Special Dash: Bullet Bill Dash

Flies on top of a Bullet Bill, knocking over other players.

King Boo

Special Shot: Mischief Twister

Haunts balls on impact curving their trajectory.

Special Dash: Carousel Dash

Summons more Boos to help bash opponents.

Donkey Kong

Special Shot: Burly Strike

Blasts away balls on impact.

Special Dash: DK Dash

Bounces and rolls on the ground.


Special Shot: Shooting Star

Turns balls into Star Bits on impact so that they can’t be hit straight.

Special Dash: Luma Dash

Summons two Lumas to knock opponents off balance.


Special Shot: Songbird Stinger

Blasts away balls in its path.

Special Dash: Diva Dash

Runs, knocking opponents off balance.


Special Shot: Super Toad Strike

Makes the ball grow giant and blasts away balls on impact.

Special Dash: Tumble Dash

Flips, knocking off balance any opponents he bumps into.

Chargin’ Chuck

Special Shot: Scrimmage Stinger

Blasts away balls in its path.

Special Dash: End-Zone Dash

Charges and dives, knocking opponents off balance.

King Bob-omb

Special Shot: Bob-ombs Away

Spawns bombs in landing zone.

Special Dash: Kaboom Dash

Summons multiple Bob-ombs to carry him through the course, running over other players.


Special Shot: Power Stinger

Blasts away balls in its path.

Special Dash: Power Dash

Runs like crazy, knocking other players off balance.

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Reckon there’ll be a couple of unlockable characters to flesh out the roster? Let us know below who you hope to be swinging with come the end of June.

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