Looks Like Apple Arcade’s Zelda-Style Exclusive Oceanhorn 2 Is Jumping Ship To Switch


Cornfox & Brothers Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas has already been pretty successful on smartphones and the Switch, and when the developer announced it was creating a sequel, fans were understandably keen.

However, Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm has been exclusive to Apple Arcade for a while – it was one of the key titles which launched the subscription-based service – which means that Switch-owning fans have been locked out.

It sounds like that is about to change, however. In a newsletter sent out by Cornfox & Brothers, it is strongly hinted that the game will be coming to Switch soon:

It’s been a long time since Hero took a holiday, and on August 11th, we’re sending him off to Kyoto to relax and meet some friends. What will he do there? Well, he’s keeping things under wraps, but rumor has it that they’re planning a surprise.

While many have criticised the series for cloning the Zelda experience, we’re rather fond of Oceanhorn, and we’ll be interested to see how the sequel shapes ups with proper, physical controls on Switch. Let us know if you feel the same way by posting a comment.

Thanks to gauthieryannick for the tip!

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