Limited Run Reveals Doomguy Helmet Collector’s Bundle, Pre-Orders Open This Friday


If you love DOOM as much as we do, and have played the hell out of the original game on your Nintendo Switch, you might be interested in this new offering from Limited Run Games coming soon.

It’s a special “limited-edition” classic DOOM helmet collector’s bundle. This includes a “full-size” helmet you can wear, a recreation of the game’s original floppy disk, and a limited edition print.

Pre-orders as noted on the Limited Run website are “coming soon” and will open this Friday on 25th September. All up, this classic bundle will set you back $139.99 USD.

In related news, earlier this week Microsoft bought Bethesda, giving it Doom, Fallout, Elder Scrolls And Wolfenstein.

Have you always wanted to run around your house as the Doom Slayer? Leave a comment below.

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