Kickstarter-Funded Game Ova Magica Looks Like Slime Rancher Plus Harvest Moon


There have been a slew of Harvest Moon-likes lately on Kickstarter, including Swery’s The Good Life, Sunhaven, My Time At Sandrock, and Sunnyside. Ova Magica is the newest of these, but with the added twist that there’s also a monster ranching aspect, similar to Slime Rancher (which sadly isn’t on Switch, though it really should be).

Although Ova Magica is still running its Kickstarter campaign, it reached its initial €20k (~£17,700) goal in less than three hours. It currently stands at just over €100,000 (~£88,400), with 1,479 backers. And yes, it’s coming to Switch – they’ve even promised a physical release. The devs even noted that the game would not be a “port”, but would be developed from the start with the Switch in mind.

Ova Magica

There are 13 different characters to befriend and potentially marry, and no matter whether you play as a boy or a girl, all 13 options are open to you. There’s also blob breeding, battles, resource-collecting, home decorating, and furniture-building. The game is being made by ClaudiaTheDev, and supported by Top Hat Studios. Although there is no release date announced yet, the Steam page lists “early 2022” as the aim.

Has Ova Magica tempted you with its blob ranching, monster fighting, farm farming gameplay? Or will you be sticking to Story of Seasons for now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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