It’s Not Just You. Twitter for Web Is Down.


Twitter for web is experiencing issues around the world, preventing users from seeing any content. The problem appeared to begin at around 10 p.m. ET.  Twitter’s mobile app seems to be unaffected.

DownDetector, which tracks such outages, said 93% of Twitter-related reports came from people trying to access the web service.

The company is yet to respond to the incident.

Those experiencing the issue are being met with the message, “Something went wrong. Try reloading,” when they visit an account page. Of course, it means that anyone going to Twitter Support on the web will be met with the same message. The advice is to switch to your mobile app, which reports suggest is functioning as usual.

Disgruntled users are posting about the incident. One said, “Disappearing tweets? Anyone else?” while another suggested that some folks will “migrate to other social media platforms, just like they did before,” adding, “Twitter is like a dumpster, if it goes down the trash spills all over the place.”

The extent of the outage isn’t currently clear, though it seems that users in many parts of the world are affected.

Of course, this isn’t the first time for Twitter to suffer an outage. Various technical issues have knocked it offline before, though the company has usually been quick to respond to the situation and reassure users that it’s working on a fix. At the time of writing, it is yet to respond to today’s incident.

We’ll update this article when more information becomes available.

This is a developing story …

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