Did You Miss Out On The Super Mario Anniversary Pin Set? You’re Not Alone


During the Super Mario 35th Anniversary Direct earlier this month, Nintendo announced a special Mario pin set would be made available on My Nintendo in the US and Canada.

Obviously, it’s a limited supply thing and well, that’s caused some drama. Nintendo recently ran its second (and final wave), and according to multiple comments on social media and websites like Reddit, there have been some technical issues.

When the pins went live (catching many fans by surprise), the My Nintendo website was overloaded – with users encountering the following error:

Other users reported receiving a code for the pin set, but then being told by the website the pin set was no longer available. A lot of Nintendo fans took to social media to vent their frustrations:

Sadly, it appears scalpers are already reselling the pins for prices that are most-definitely well above their value while some people have seemingly missed out altogether. Were you able to get the Super Mario 35th Anniversary Pins in the end? Tell us down below.

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