Best Prime Day Chromebook Deals 2020: What to Expect


Prime Day is coming a bit late in 2020, with Amazon’s big annual blowout falling next month on October 13 — sandwiched neatly between Labor Day and Black Friday. That’s great news for Prime members (even if we missed those Prime Day deals this summer), as it means extra chances to save on pricey stuff like computers. If you’re in the market for a new laptop yourself and specifically want a Chrome OS machine, then we also expect to see plenty of Prime Day Chromebook deals this year, and we’ve got everything you need to shop the sale right here.

Today’s best Prime Day Chromebook deals

Prime Day will be coming in October this year (meaning that obviously the Prime Day Chromebook deals aren’t live yet), but if you need a laptop for work or school, you probably need it soon and might not have the luxury of waiting. If that’s the case and you need a laptop now, don’t fret: We’ve already compiled a handy list of the best Chromebook deals that you can score today.

  • Dell Chromebook 11 3100$369, was $518
  • HP Chromebook 14$314, was $402
  • Samsung Galaxy 4K 2-in-1 Chromebook$941, was $1,000
  • HP Pro c640 Chromebook $556, was $794
  • Acer Chomebook 715$419, was $550
  • Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 Chromebook$575, was $599

When are the best Prime Day Chromebook deals?

Be it Black Friday or Labor Day, the best deals to be had during any big sale are going to be during the day(s) of the event itself. We expect Prime Day to be no different; however, if previous years are any indication, you can bet that Amazon will be throwing out some early teaser discounts in the week leading up to Prime Day.

These early Prime Day Chromebook deals are also likely to be every bit as good as the ones you’ll see during Prime Day itself — Amazon is trying to entice shoppers with these pre-sale bargains, after all, and lousy deals aren’t the best way to do that. What that means for you is that if you peek a good Chromebook deal you like, don’t sit on it thinking it’ll roll around again come Prime Day. And even if you do see it cheaper during the sale, you can always just cancel or return the one you bought and grab it again at the lower price.

What Prime Day Chromebook deals to expect

There are a ton of Chromebooks on the market today (the surest sign of their growing popularity), and just about every PC brand, as well as Google, makes several Chrome OS laptops of their own. We expect to see Prime Day Chromebook deals from just about all the big names, but the ones to really look out for are the premium models that are naturally more expensive.

These higher-end Chromebooks include the Google Pixelbook, the new Pixelbook Go, and any others from top makers (HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, etc.) that feature current-gen PC hardware. More specifically, you’ll want to look for deals on Chromebooks packing Intel Core i-series CPUs rather than Celeron, Pentium, or AMD Athlon mobile CPUs, along with specs like 8GB of RAM or more and larger solid-state drives instead of the usual 32GB or 64GB of eMMC flash storage you usually find on cheap Chromebooks.

That said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with those cheaper Chromebooks if all you’re after is a super-affordable laptop for work and light use. We’ll surely see plenty of Prime Day Chromebook deals on those models, too, but since those are already cheap and are often on sale year-round, those naturally aren’t going to see the juiciest discounts.

As far as our two favorite models go, here’s what we expect and hope to see among this year’s Prime Day Chromebook deals: Google’s Pixelbook, arguably the most expensive Chromebook on the market at around a grand or more, has been discounted by as much as $300 this year (or as much as $450 for the higher-end configurations), so look for the biggest price cuts on those. The more budget-friendly Pixelbook Go is new but has also seen modest discounts this year, but we’ll be surprised if we see discounts bigger than $50-$100 on that one.

Should I shop on Prime Day or wait until Black Friday?

Chromebooks have been surging in demand over the last few months, with some models still waiting for a restock. If you are in need of a new laptop we suggest not holding off until Black Friday or even Cyber Monday as demand will be at its peak. This means that the Chromebook you had your eye on might be out of stock or see an extended shipping delay on Black Friday, keeping you from getting your new device till the next year. There’s also a possibility that if a certain Chromebook runs out of stock during Prime Day, it won’t see a restock by Black Friday. Prices between the two events shouldn’t vary by much either so don’t let that hold you back from taking advantage of these Prime Day Chromebook deals.

Are any Prime Day Chromebook deals too good to be true?

We expect to see a lot of Chromebooks going on sale come Prime Day. We also expect a lot of Chromebook accessories like laptop bags and covers going on sale as well. When buying your new Chromebook or any new accessories make sure to do a little research in advance so you know what kind of product you’re looking out for. Check reviews, features, ratings, and compare retail prices all beforehand so when Prime Day rolls around you know exactly what you want. Also, be cautious of products that are very heavily discounted. If you think a deal seems suspicious — it probably is. Stick to the brands you know and have researched prior to the event — it’ll save you a lot of disappointment.

How to choose a Chromebook

Chromebooks are one of the most popular laptop options on the market currently. That said, the sheer number of available Chromebooks can be overwhelming for any prospective buyer. Here are a few tips to make your shopping easier.

Screen resolution: Most Chromebooks have an average resolution if 1080p which is considered high-definition. Some Chromebooks can have 4K or UHD displays but they tend to be more pricey. You can also get cheaper Chromebooks with lower resolution displays but our suggestion is to stick with 1080p resolution if you can afford it.

Processor: Intel Core processors are your best bet if you’re a big multitasker and have tons of tabs open at once. Another great top-end processor is AMD’s Ryzen. That said, the Intel Celeron or Pentium processors are also decent, even though they carry less load. If you don’t plan to use your laptop with heavy-duty apps and need something more affordable, stick with Chromebooks with these processors. They tend to lower your laptop’s price by $200.

Connectivity: Check to see the port selection on your new Chromebook. The numbers you want to watch out for are the number of USB ports offered and if there are additional USB-C ports available. Almost every Chromebook will have an audio jack so don’t worry about that.

Battery Life: A good Chromebook that’s worth your investment should have a battery life of over 10 hours. Some Chromebooks with a hefty price tag like the Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 don’t even have a tested battery life that lasts eight hours. If you’re spending $500 or over on a Chromebook, make sure the battery life surpasses 10 hours (at least).

2-in-1 devices: If you’re looking for a convertible Chromebook that functions both as a tablet and a laptop, choose a 2-in-1 device. These Chromebooks are more easily portable while still having strong processors and UHD displays. A great 2-in-1 Chromebook is the Acer Spin 713 Chromebook.

Storage: Chromebooks usually store their data on the cloud so you’re fine getting a Chromebook with 32GB worth of storage or less. Some Chromebooks like the Google Pixelbook Go can support up to 256 GB of storage if you need it.

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