Apple Wallet With iOS 15 is Close to Replacing Your Wallet


Apple Wallet’s getting improved in such a substantial way, so much so that it’s getting very close to replacing your actual wallet. During its WWDC 2021 event, Apple announced the biggest updates to Wallet for deeper integrations throughout all aspects of our lives.

Apple Pay has always been a strong feature of the Wallet app, but it goes beyond that with the next update with iOS 15. This includes the ability to use your iPhone to unlock doors at home or at hotels, bringing your ID to your wallet, and more. They’re all exciting features that can mean less stuff to carry along wherever you go, relying on just your iPhone to function effectively as your actual wallet. Who wants to carry extra bulk, right?

It’s all exciting news coming out of WWDC 2021, but there’s more news coming out of the developer’s conference — so check back soon for all of the updates to Apple Wallet.

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