All Pokémon Café Mix Players To Receive Free Gift As The Game Hits 5 Million Downloads


Pokémon Café Mix, the free-to-play puzzle game which launched for Switch and mobile devices back in June, has now reached a mighty five million downloads worldwide. To celebrate, all players can now claim a free in-game gift.

By logging into the game between now and 10:59 pm PST on 29th August 2020, players can get 5,000 golden acorns and three each of the ‘Whistle ↔’ and ‘Whistle ↕’ puzzle powers.

That’s not all, either, as both Audino and Celebi will soon be added to the game, with the latter arriving as a Special Customer Event (thanks, Serebii). This marks the very first time that a Mythical Pokémon has appeared in the game.

If you haven’t tried Pokémon Café Mix yet, it’s not a bad way to kill time. When we first checked this one out for review, we were pretty pleased with what we found – make sure to give our review a good read to see if it sounds like a good fit for your tastes.

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