Wolfenstein Dev MachineGames Is Making An Indiana Jones Video Game


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Lucasfilm Games has just teased an Indiana Jones video game from Wolfenstein studio MachineGames.

The teaser trailer doesn’t give much away, apart from the Bethesda, Machine Games and Lucasfilm Games logos (and Indy’s iconic whip, of course), but it’s already got people very excited about the prospect.

The question is, of course, could this possibly come to Switch? Microsoft now owns Bethesda so the sensible bet is this being an Xbox exclusive, but Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has repeatedly neglected to say categorically if future Bethesda games will be platform exclusives, which could indicate that we’ll see titles like this on multiple formats – a sensible move when you consider it will reach the widest possible audience.

Of course, there’s then the question about if the Switch could be included. Bethesda has previously been. very supportive of Nintendo’s console, releasing the likes of Wolfenstein II, DOOM, DOOM Eternal and Skyrim on the system. However, this new Indiana Jones title will presumably be next-gen only, and it’s perhaps a little naive to expect the Switch to be able to play it (unless, of course, the cloud gaming route is taken).

Whatever happens, it’s great to see Indy back in the world of video gaming. Anyone with fond memories of Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings will no doubt be looking forward to seeing what this title turns out like.

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