The best smart card readers


If you are wondering what a smart card reader is, you are not alone. These devices are used to confirm the identity and authenticity of an identification document. Our list includes models that comply with government and military standards and are used in retail, banking, and security clearance. We compiled the best to expedite your shopping.

Saicoo Smart Card Reader

Best Design

The Saicoo Smart Card Reader is a DOD ID card compatible device, which fulfills military and government security standards. It is recommended for high-level compliance and is compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows, but it won’t work on Chrome OS.

Rocketek Smart Card Reader

Best Multifunction

If you want a versatile device, the Rocketek Smart Card Reader offers a wide functionality and USB connection. This portable dongle reads ID cards of many types and security standards. It is also capable of accessing memory cards, Micro SD cards and even SIM cards.

Identiv Smart Card Reader

Most Universal

Achieve full TAA compliance with the Identiv Smart Card Reader, a simple yet reliable option that has USB-C connectivity and complies with all the major industry standards. It has seamless integration and universal compatibility. It works with all contact chip cards and operating systems like Linux, Android, Windows, and Mac OS.

Keeping close control of who you are working with is an important aspect of your business. Make sure you have the tools to quickly read any type of government issued ID’s with this curated selection of the best smart card readers in the market.

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