Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Steve Glitch Makes Your Opponents Fall Through The Stage


A number of small glitches have been discovered since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s latest character, Steve, joined the ranks earlier this week, but this one is perhaps the most game-breaking of all.

Spotted and shared online by Reddit user, -BunsenBurn-, the glitch occurs when Steve – or any one of his alt costumes – creates two bricks going vertically with a gap in between. Doing so appears to create a collision error of sorts, with poor old Samus falling victim to a glitch where she’ll fall right through the bottom of the stage.

You can see how it all works in the video below. -BunsenBurn- says that they “were able to consistently recreate [the glitch] with Samus when breaking the bottom block with Jab 2 while there is another block above it (with a 1 block gap in between).”

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