Random: Nintendo Ironically Celebrates All Mario Switch Games With Fans, Weeks Before Wiping Some From Existence


Plenty of Mario fans aren’t best pleased with Nintendo’s plan to pull games from stores.

If you’ve somehow missed the news, Nintendo is planning on removing a number of Mario games and products from stores at the end of this month and, in a recent statement, has reiterated the fact that it isn’t backing down from its controversial decision to do so.

It’s been a very hot topic amongst the Nintendo community, and now, in what we’re sure is just a case of poor timing rather than actual cheekiness, the company has decided to celebrate the Nintendo Switch’s fourth anniversary with fans online by taking a look back at all of the Mario games available on the system.

“It’s been four years since the release of Nintendo Switch,” the message reads, before asking fans how long they’ve been playing the console for.

Ironically, as you can see, the image features both Super Mario 3D All-Stars and Super Mario Bros. 35, two of the products set to be wiped from existence at the end of the month. Some fans have been quick to point this out in the replies, “fixing” the image in the process.

Oh Nintendo, what are you doing?

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