Random: Move Over, Nintendo Labo, And Get Ready For… PlayStation Labo?


While Nintendo and Sony’s streams have rarely crossed in the past (besides a famous exception or two), reports are coming in that a certain part of Sony’s PS5 pack-in game might reference a recent Nintendo product, albeit indirectly. Well, we say ‘indirectly’, but it actually seems pretty direct!

Although other outlets haven’t made mention of it at present, Kotaku AU has run a hands-on preview of Astro’s Playroom — a pack-in title included with every PlayStation 5 console that showcases the features of the console’s new DualSense controller — which discusses a special ‘mural’ room featuring memorabilia from the previous four PlayStation consoles that’s named — wait for it — “PlayStation Labo”.

Here’s a quote from the article:

As you run through each level, for instance, you’ll uncover puzzle pieces. These pieces are then added to a mural in a room called PlayStation Labo — I wonder whether Nintendo was consulted on that one — which has little homages to each Playstation era.

The preview mentions lots of little Nintendo-like touches in the design of the controller’s advanced HD rumble-style haptic feedback, although assuming this is accurate, the naming of this area in the game seems to be a little on-the-nose, no?

Reports that another room in the game is named “PlayStation Mario Kart Live” are entirely fictitious.

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