M2 Is Bringing Aleste Collection To Nintendo Switch


Emulation expert M2 has just announced that it is bringing a collection of Aleste titles to the Nintendo Switch.

Aleste Collection – which is also coming to PlayStation 4 – will include Aleste / Power Strike (Master System), Power Strike II (Master System), Aleste GG (Game Gear) and Aleste GG II (Game Gear).

In addition to this, M2 is also creating a new model of the Game Gear Micro which ships with the Game Gear Aleste games.

The original Aleste arrived in 1988 and was later ported to the MSX2 platform. A sequel arrived on the MSX2 in 1989, which is different from Power Strike II, which was a Europe-only successor.

While the collection won’t include the likes of Super Aleste / Space Megaforce, Robo Aleste / Dennin Aleste and MUSHA Aleste, it’s still nice that we’re getting the chance to play some of the lesser-known entries in this famous shooter series.

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