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In a recent Instagram post, Nicole Cuddihy told her audience that creating more inclusive patterns for Animal Crossing: New Horizons characters has helped her accept her own skin, including “spots, blemishes and stretch marks.”

Cuddihy is a New Horizons pattern designer who collaborated with Gillette Venus to create the Skinclusive Summer Line. Cuddihy and the Gillette team created patterns for character’s faces and bodies with vitiligo, psoriasis, cesarean scarring and bigger curves than default avatars have. Cuddihy, who has been playing Animal Crossing since the original U.S. Gamecube release, has grown a following for her work and is one of a few creators trying to bridge gaps in features and designs the game hasn’t already created.

In a previous Nintendo Life video, our very own Alex Olney confessed he hadn’t played Animal Crossing in a month but was coming back to the game after the summer update that included diving, Pascal and fireworks shows. Based on the comments under the video and opinions in similar reviews, some players have burned out a bit on the game or feel it wasn’t complete at launch.

In this Crossing Channel video, players wrote in “unpopular opinions” about the game, including that interactions with villagers are repetitive and don’t have enough text variation and that diving update only adds a “few minutes of gameplay.” One player complained about terraforming causing players to “get sick of the game easily.” Other common complaints include a lack of NPCs from previous games, like Harriet and Brewster.

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