Earth Defense Force Joins Hamster’s Arcade Archives Collection This Week


Hamster’s weekly Arcade Archives release is Jaleco’s 1991 scrolling shooter, Earth Defense Force.

This original version of the game allows you to take control of an XA-1 space fighter as you fight to save the earth. Here’s the backstory along with some information about the gameplay and some screenshots:

Control your XA-1 space fighter and take part in a worldwide endeavor to stand up against the AGIMA EMPIRE’S plot to take over the Earth! With each power-up the might of your weapons and the types of optional formations increases!


Earth Defense Force also got a Super Famicom release in the same year and arrived on the Super Nintendo in 1992. This same version was added to the Switch Online SNES library last year.

The Arcade Archives iteration will set you back $7.99 (or your regional equivalent), supports 1-2 players, and comes with various game settings that enhance the experience. Players can also compete against other high scores.

Is this a game you’ve been waiting to join the Hamster’s library of retro releases? Tell us below.

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