CoroCoro Reveals The Silhouette Of The Brand New Mythical Pokémon


Promotional artwork for Pokémon the Movie: Coco

In January, The Pokémon Company announced it would be revealing a brand new mythical pocket monster on 27th February to celebrate this year’s Pokémon Day. This special creature will not only be available in the new games Pokémon Sword and Shield but will also feature in the upcoming movie Pokémon The Movie: Coco, which is due out this July.

The silhouette of this new Pokémon was also expected to be teased in this month’s issue of CorcCoro magazine (releasing on 15th July) and has now managed to get an image from the magazine ahead of its release (via stream footage). For a silhouette, it’s pretty exciting:

Mythical Pokemon

As previously noted, this new mythical creature will be revealed later this month on 27th February. While no details are known about it, the bands / “wrappings” around its arms appear to be similar to the ones worn by the human character in the Pokémon The Movie: Coco trailer (see the image at the top of the page). It’s even got the same amount of wrappings, according to the website PokéBeach.

What do you think of this silhouette? What type of Pokémon do you think it could be? Share your thoughts below.

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