Adam’s Venture: Origins Gets A Physical Switch Release Next Month, But We Wouldn’t Bother


Publisher Sodesco has revealed that the upcoming physical edition of Adam’s Venture: Origins for Nintendo Switch is just around the corner, with boxed copies set to hit stores on 25th September.

The game arrived digitally on the Switch eShop at the end of May, offering a “family-friendly adventure” said to be filled with puzzles and mysteries. We really weren’t impressed with it when we played it for review – it’s not often we feel the need to give a game a 2/10 – so we wouldn’t exactly recommend buying a copy. Here’s a taste of how much we enjoyed our time with it:

“Adam’s Venture: Origins is among the worst games we’ve ever played and it doesn’t even have the decency to be awful in an amusing way. There are so, so many great games you can buy for the same kind of price. Please buy them instead. Or just throw the money into a river and watch it disappear; even that experience would be more rewarding than playing this turgid mess of a video game. Technically, narratively and mechanically inept, Adam’s Venture: Origins on Switch is disgraceful.”

You can read our full review here.

Another problem is the price. The retail copy seems to be going for £34.99 – it’s available to pre-order now from UK retailer Argos – which makes it even harder to recommend. Members of the Nintendo Life team have been known to buy some, shall we say, not brilliant games in the past to boost a physical collection, but that’s when they’re available for 50p.


Still, if our review of the game hasn’t put you off and you really want a copy, make sure to keep an eye out for it appearing next month.

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